Steam Cleaning vs Dry Chemical Cleaning

Truckmount Steam Carpet Cleaning

According to Shaw Industries, the largest carpet manufacturer worldwide, there are basically two types of hot water extraction. One is Portable Extraction, performed with a small machine. The other one is Truckmount Extraction, in which a large cleaning machine is installed in a van or truck.

1) Truck Mount Extraction: provides a better cleaning cleans much better, as water gets heated to high temperatures and applies a higher pressure to spray the spread the cleaning solution into the carpet. This combination eliminates stains, pollen and bacteria. Once the job is done, the machine applies high suction power to remove the dirt.

2) Dry-Chem method: cleaning utilizes a method that resembles to dry foam. It differs with Truckmount extraction in the use of a machine that spins a large cotton bonnet to apply dry chemical. This bonnet absorbs the dirt and when it’s soaked, the machine applies another bonnet. It works like a large towel that rubs the dirt out of your carpet. It is not recommended to use on deep down restorative works.

Three Common Mistakes regarding Carpet Cleaning

Misconception #1: It is OK to wait for a long time to clean your carpet.

A carpet that holds dirt for too long will wear much faster. This is like that because dirt is extremely abrasive. Every time you step on your carpet you smear dirt on your carpet, which damages it. Vacuuming regularly may be helpful, but it’s not enough. You need to periodically have a deep clean on your carpet to make it last longer.

Misconception #2: Carpet Cleaning only removes dirt.

Carpet holds a lot of elements that is present in air. Pollen, fungus, bacteria, cigarette smoke, car exhaust fumes and many other chemicals. You and your family are constantly exposed to those pollutants. So it’s not just a matter of cleaning: your health and your family’s are in play; especially if you deal with allergies, emphysema and other breathing conditions.

Misconception #3: The cheaper, the better.

A low price might benefit your finance, but nothing else. A cheap service might not give you the results you need. Before you make a decision on a carpet cleaning company, it is good for you to know what you need to accomplish. Do you just want to remove dirt? The you’ll find a hundred businesses that implement little shampooers and poor methods. You can even do it yourself.

But if you have a place that is not only clean but also free of bacteria, chemicals and pollens, your best option is a Truckmount Steam Carpet Cleaning. It’s the only method that guarantees that your carpet will remain healthy, free from any contaminants. Thus, investing some more money will reflect in a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your people.