Why Choose Us?

We understand how important it is for you and your family to be in a clean, safe ambience. That’s why Clean Masters treats every client’s property as our own. Our team consists in experts certified in all 50 states in the USA. They have the knowledge and the tools to identify the type of carpet fiber on your surface and the kind of work it needs. That way, re deliver top-quality results with our service.

Clean Masters has a work ethic and a genuine dedication with every client. When you hire us, you know we will arrive on time, ready to work, and you will receive an explanation in every step of the cleaning process. Communication with our clients is essential for us.

There are some basics our clients need to understand before they hire a carpet cleaning service:

  • Most carpet cleaning companies use a cleaner that has a PH level superior to 10, which removed the Scotch Guard- DuPont Teflon, a protectant that is applied to the carpet at factory. Clean Masters experts use an agent that is 100% soap, with a PH of 9 and free of residue.
  • We have experience removing all kind of stains, like urine, wine, juice, coffee and more. We also remove any odors. The method we use attacks the stain with a special tool that eliminates it from the carpet pad all through the carpet itself.
  • You shouldn’t use common cleaners like Resolve, Hot Shot or Miracle Cleaners. Their PH level is very high, which removes the carpet’s factory protectant and even set stains into the fiber. These products also contain silicone, which makes the cleaned area to attract dirt. So you end up buying more products to clean the dirt produced by the product itself!
  • Before cleaning, Clean Masters perform a whole inspection on the area. We use a soap-free cleaner at 220 degrees to pre-condition the carpet and break down soil. After that we remove the rest of the stains and cleaning agents with several vacuum passes. The result is a pristine carpet free of soap and residues. The next step is to rake and groom the carpet. This is necessary not only to give the carpet a good looks but also, to allow its fiber to retain the carpet memory. This is the same process carpets go through when they are constructed at factory, where they groom and set the carpet when its fibers reach approximately 250 degrees. We do the same, but at 220 degrees.
  • When you hire professionals, they need to arrive on time, ready to work and be friendly and knowledgeable. Clean Masters believe in those values and have a work ethics.

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